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Our GPs can:
  • See you within the next 6 minutes
  • Offer a diagnosis and treatment for a range of common health issues
  • Write a prescription for any medication you need
  • Refer you for specialist treatment or further tests
  • Provide a sick note for your employer

Our online appointments put you in control of when you see a doctor. You won't have to travel, or sit in a waiting room. You can choose an appointment that suits your schedule and see a GP in the comfort of your own home.

Available: on iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Laptops and PCs.

Opening Times: 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week

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While many GP surgeries in Birmingham have long waiting times, with Push Doctor you can have your appointment within six minutes.

You can discuss your symptoms with an experienced GP at a time to suit you using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

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With Push Doctor, you can get started straight away. You'll be able to see a doctor in just six minutes and get what you need without any waiting or queueing.

It's easy to find an appointment that fits your schedule. We have doctors available at weekends, Bank Holidays and out of hours, so you're sure to find a time to suit you.

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Conditions Our GP Can Treat

Did you know that in 8 out of 10 cases, a doctor doesn't need to physically examine you to find out what's wrong?

An online appointment is often enough to get what you need. You can discuss your symptoms and our doctors are able to look at an affected area, for example if you have a skin condition you're concerned about.

Other health issues our GPs can help with include STIs, allergies and stomach problems.

They also issue prescriptions online, provide sick notes and referrals for specialist treatment if needed.

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