Credit sources and never claim the research of others as entirely our own. It is fine to quote and report statistics, of course, but always link back and name the sources used. We’d want them to do the same for our content, wouldn’t we?

— Research

Refer to the latest research in all medical pieces. By ‘latest’ we mean ideally within the past five years, within the last ten at a push. Do your homework and refer to multiple studies as well, not just the one or two that happen to support the point you are trying to make.

— Statistics

Never cite a statistic that you can’t see the specific source of. Every statistic in our content should be linked back to an exact study, with no exceptions. Ideally, only cite statistics from significant sample sizes too – or if you don’t, allude to the fact that the sample size could and should be bigger.

— Quotations

It’s fine to quote medical professionals that don’t work for Push Doctor, as as they are from reputable organisations we would gladly align ourselves with. We prefer to quote our own doctors, however, so seek a comment from an ops doctor first and foremost, to remind people that we are active and engaged in current issues.