We need to be careful in the subjects we choose to take a stand on. We cannot react on impulse, our approach needs to be considered and sensible – always thinking of the bigger picture and how our efforts will be perceived.

— Medical First

The majority of subjects we could take a stand on will be medical in nature. Our Medical team should have first say on the topics we have a defined stance on. If they feel particularly strongly, they may even be willing to create, or at the very least collaborate in the creation of content around the subject in question.

— Brand Second

When matters close to our heart happen to stray further from the medical realm, we consider our brand. Is this something we can afford to be outspoken about? Is this something we would be celebrated for taking a stand for or against? We need to consider how being an authoritative voice may impact how Push Doctor is perceived.

— Industry Third

If there is a topic that happens to have passed us by, that the rest of our industry is commenting upon and letting the world know where they stand, we should consider doing the same. We don’t necessarily have to wade in on something, just because everyone else is, but these matters are certainly worthy of discussion.


Taking a stand is fine, as long as we do so with the right attitude – or rather, the right approach. We want to be thought leaders, but not bullies or brash commentators all to quick off the mark. We only take a stand tactfully.

— Non-Confrontational

First and foremost, we need not rub people the wrong way. We shouldn’t be overly critical for the sake of doing ao, merely stating (and citing) the facts and explaining why we believe what we believe. We don’t need to drag competitors’ names through the mud, or indeed to bring the names of researchers and institutes into disrepute.

— Clearly Defined

There is little worse than a generic “me too” stance, poorly supported – or even hypocritically honoured throughout the company. Proposals and idealistic thinking mentioned in our content need to be delivered upon and rolled out internally – or we risk being seen as a brand jumping on bandwagons for the sake of PR.

— Quietly Confident

We have the courage of our convictions, make no mistake, but we don’t swagger or become complacent once we have had our say. There is a confidence conveyed through the clarity of our message and vision, but that is where that confidence remains – we never risk becoming flippant, or worse still, hot headed.