A thorough process that, although longer than average, ensures that the content we provide and the messages we convey are completely safe, offered with patients’ needs at heart.

— Marketing

Put anything written in front of the Marketing team for a sense check in terms of spelling, grammar and overall structure and legibility. Content should never pass in front of the Medical or Design teams until it has been approved by Marketing. While some content might not strictly be appropriate for Medical or Design approval, all content should be approved by the Marketing team.

— Medical

Medical advice of any kind should always be approved by our Medical team. No matter how many sources you can cite in keeping with our editorial objectives, our own in-house medical experts need to approve the medical advice we are sharing with the world. Medical content is reviewed every two years at the latest – as noted in our "Medically reviewed by..." panels.

— Design

For any element not specifically designed by our in-house team, or for anyone not on the Design team taking our brand assets into their own hands, it pays to have a second, third, or indeed fourth pair of eyes on created visual elements to make sure we only ever appear on-brand.