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One in four people in the UK admit to self-diagnosis of an illnesses rather than making time for a doctor’s appointment.

Our UK Digital Health Report reveals that 21.8% of people have chosen self diagnosis of their symptoms online because they were unable to get a doctor’s appointment (11%) or because their GP wasn’t available quickly enough (10.8%).

The UK Digital Health Report is comprised of research by Push Doctor into Google search data and a consumer survey of 1013 UK adults, to reveal insight into how consumers use technology to manage and maintain their health in 2015

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The UK is becoming a nation of impatient patients, who are not willing to change plans to accommodate appointments with their GPs.

When asked what they would not be prepared to cancel in order to fit in a doctor’s appointment for a health issue causing them ‘moderate concern’, 47% literally weren’t prepared to get out of bed, saying that they wouldn’t miss the opportunity of a lie in to see their doctor. 50% wouldn’t cancel a gym session, 46% would keep arrangements to meet friends for lunch and 38% wouldn’t even be prepared to rearrange plans for a shopping trip.

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The top ten most common ailments reveals back pain, diarrhoea and depression as our leading concerns.

The UK league table of health-related internet searches reveals people in Liverpool are the top ‘Googlers’ of health concerns, and are most likely to be researching back pain and depression. People in Essex were found to be most likely to google symptoms of chlamydia and issues to do with reproductive health.

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