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Thursday, June 11, 2020, Manchester – Following the announcement from Babylon Health that their GP app suffered a data breach this week, we recognise that there will be concern among both patients and practices around data security. Therefore, we would like to reassure our partners and their patients by clarifying our position on our data security commitments.

Push Doctor considers patient safety and data protection paramount in providing services on behalf of the NHS, and we have worked with NHS Digital as the recognised technical authority for assurance against NHS standards. In doing so, we were required to demonstrate that we meet the most stringent of standards across clinical safety, data security and interoperability. We invest heavily in this to ensure that we can offer a trusted service on behalf of our NHS partners.

In addition, we do not record any patient video consultations. Our values are built upon patient safety and security, and everything we do is linked back to this.

We know that healthcare is such a sensitive and private part of people’s lives, and we also know that many patients have historically been cautious about accessing healthcare through digital means. We have always wanted to reassure them, through building a service that is completely confidential and patient centred.

Clinical governance is at the heart of our business and we take the security of the confidential information in consultations and on patient medical records very seriously, and therefore we use a highly secure video connection. We are ISO 27001 accredited, and everything we do is to ISO 27001 specifications. In addition to this robust system, we also have an external CHECK team perform regular penetration tests to vet all of our systems.

Push Doctor remain committed to supporting the NHS in delivering safe, high-quality clinical care and services. To find out more about Push Doctor’s solutions, please click here.