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    Get full access to a qualified personal trainer with our chat service – they will be able to answer all your exercise-related questions in a one-to-one conversation with you.

    Get professional advice on everything from gym workouts, training schedules, sporting injuries and more.

    Meet Ben, one of our personal trainers at Push Doctor

    Creating a training plan that is right for you is extremely important, and can be a difficult task to do on your own.

    Our personal trainers, like Ben, can help you work towards your goals.

    They can advise you on any fitness questions you may have and help you optimise your progress, improve your health and get fitter and stronger.

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    Our new personal trainer chat service is still in its trial phase, but we’d love for you to be one of the first people to try it out. If you’re interested, enter your email address below and we’ll contact you when it’s ready.


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    Online chat is currently unavailable. Please schedule a video consultation instead.