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Couples Workouts for Valentine's Day : Fitness for 2 in 6

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Created: 9 February, 2017

Updated: 12 May, 2017

Getting fit is always easier if you’ve got someone to motivate you, and there’s no one better for the job than the person you love. After all, who doesn’t enjoy working up a sweat with their partner?

This Valentine’s Day, we’re helping you combine your fitness and relationship goals with these two workouts exclusively designed for couples. Each routine contains just six moves, so they’re easy to learn and enjoy together.

Are you both ready? Good, then let’s get started with these couples workout ideas!

Workout 1: Always by your side

You’ll do these exercises at the same time as your partner, allowing you both to get into a rhythm and make the most of your workout. Each exercise offers a great cardiovascular workout, as well as improving certain muscle groups.

Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise to ensure you’re sufficiently recovered to give the next one your all. To really feel the benefit, try to complete this routine four times.

Reverse lunge to high knee drive (30 seconds)

To ease you in gently, this exercise is completed in one simple, flowing movement and works the muscles in areas such as your thighs, hamstrings, calves and backside.

Sideways lunge (30 seconds)

We’re still working the thighs, hamstring and backside, but now we’ve thrown the adductors (groin muscles) into the mix. Clasping your hands in front of your chest helps you maintain your balance during this exercise.

Press ups (30 seconds)

You’ve all seen a press-up before, so you know the score here. The key is to fully extend your arm to make sure you’re having an impact on the target areas, such as your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

High knees (30 seconds)

After giving your arms a workout, we’re back to leg muscles with the classic high knees exercise. You’re likely familiar with this one too, but don’t let that stop you from focusing on getting the technique right and really getting those knees as high as possible to work your thighs, hamstrings and backside.

Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

We reckon you’re ready for something a little more challenging by this point! As you can see, mountain climbers target muscles all over your body, so it’s a really beneficial exercise that’s worth the extra effort.

Split squat jumps (30 seconds)

Remember those reverse lunges from earlier? Well, now we’re going to add some air time! Once again, it’s important to get the technique spot on here. Like many of the other exercises we’ve done, split squat jumps can really help the thighs, hamstrings and backside.

Workout 2: Up close and personal


Now it’s time to get a little closer to your partner! You’ll need to literally support each other through this routine in order to maintain balance and form. This time, you’ll recover for 60 seconds between exercises.

Once you’ve got the hang of this routine, you can ramp it up a notch by gradually introducing more reps per exercise.

Bulgarian split squat (2 x 10 per leg)

Have your partner support your back foot on their thigh and keep your standing leg straight. Then, go into the squat position to tone the muscles in your thighs and backside. Make sure to repeat the exercise with both legs.

Hamstring bridge (2 x 10)

Lie on your back and have your partner hold onto your feet. Then, slowly bring your hips forward until your upper body is in line with your knees, before returning to your starting position. As you’ll have guessed from its name, the main muscles involved in this exercise are your hamstrings, but you’ll also be working your core muscles.

Nordic hamstring curls (2 x 5)

You need to be in a kneeling position and once again your partner will hold onto your feet. Fall forwards and catch yourself with your hands before you hit the floor, then push yourself back up again - straight away too, no cheating and having a lie down!

Single leg squats (2 x 5 per leg)

Things get a little saucy here, as you’ll have to hold hands! It’s just for balance though, as you’ll need one foot off the floor for this exercise. Bend your standing leg into the squat position to work on your thighs, hamstrings and backside.

Isometric wall set (2 x 30 seconds)

This one is harder than it looks! You need to hold your body as though you were sitting in a chair, except, as you’ll have noticed, there’s not a chair in sight. Instead, you’ll lean back-to-back with your partner for support and hold your position to strengthen your thighs, backside and adductors.

Core leg rotation (2 x 10 each way)

Now you can have a lie down. Of course, you’ll also be building up your thigh muscles, as you’ll need them to support the weight of your legs. Use your partner as a guide to make sure you’re achieving a full circular motion.

How did you find your workout?

We hope you enjoyed exercising with your partner. If you have any comments or questions about the routines, feel free to leave a comment in the box below!

If you’re wondering what else you can do to stay fit and healthy, there’s no better time of year to find out that just being in love can be enough to improve your long term health. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

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