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Do you need Meat for Protein with Dr Alison Sifton

12 November, 2018

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Hi, everybody! I'm Ali, also known as the Veg Medic on Instagram and I'm a doctor who works in London.

I have teamed up with Push Doctor today to talk to you guys about protein. So, as somebody who follows a vegan diet and with it being in the middle of January, with loads of people embarking on trying veganism for a month, it seems like quite a topical thing to talk about protein and where we get our protein from in our diet.

And the number one question I get asked when somebody wants to become more plant-based or adopt a vegan diet is “But where will I get my protein?”

And it's actually quite a funny thing because what people seem to believe is that the only way you can consume protein in your diet is by eating varied sources of meat, when actually you can find loads of protein in varied sources of plants as well.

I think what people fail to realise is that your leafy green vegetables, like broccoli, spinach, kale, peas, loads of grains and nuts, including nut butters and soy derived products, all contain high amounts of protein and the difference between proteins derived from meat and proteins derived from plant-based products is really the genetic makeup of these proteins.

Essentially, you have your complete proteins found in meat and - what I mean by complete protein - is a protein source that contains all essential amino acids.

And then, contrarily we have our incomplete protein sources, and these are coming from plant-based products.

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