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19 amazing facts about the human body

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Created: 30 July, 2018

Updated: 31 July, 2018

From your head to your toes, your body plays host to thousands upon thousands of incredible functions - helping you to live your life to the fullest.

And with the average lifespan of someone in the UK rising by an outstanding 10 years since 1970 - to the respectable age of 81 - our bodies have adapted to work harder, for longer.

There’s no doubt that the human body is incredible - and our latest campaign #ItsBodyAmazing celebrates this and the launch of our new memberships programme - which gives you the ability to take control of your health and look after the most amazing thing you own - your body.

Keep up to date with some of the fascinating facts about the body we’ll be sharing on Instagram and Facebook, and catch a summary below.

Find out why you should be keeping on top of your health with some of these amazing body facts:

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Heart facts

Gut facts

Brain facts

Lungs facts

Bones and muscles facts


Your heart



  • Your blood travels 12,000 miles a day - that’s the same distance as flying from London-Tokyo and back.
  • Your heart pumps approximately 200 million litres of blood throughout your body during a lifetime - the equivalent to 1.3 billion cups of tea.
  • When resting, your heart still works twice as hard as your legs do when you’re sprinting.

Your gut



  • There are over 100 million 'brain' (nerve) cells in your gut - more than the amount in your spinal cord.
  • There IS such a thing as ‘gut instinct’ - your vagus nerve, that lives within the gut, sends fear-triggering signals to the brain.
  • We have up to 6lbs of bacteria living inside our body - many of which reside in the gut - the same weight as 2.5 bags of sugar. Luckily, most of this bacteria is good for us!
  • The acid found in our stomach is strong enough to burn through your skin, but doesn't because of your stomach lining's protective mucus.
  • Your gut is home to up to 95% of the body’s serotonin - that’s the hormone that’s largely responsible for your happiness.

Your brain



  • The human brain sends nerve impulses to the body at a speed of 268 miles/hour - over 9 times faster than Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man.
  • If your brain was spread flat - due to all of its wrinkles - it’d be the same surface area as a pillow.
  • The average brain is believed to generate up to 50,000 thoughts per day.
  • There are no pain receptors in your brain - and since it can’t feel pain, it means brain surgery can be performed whilst you’re awake and the surgeon can make sure you’re okay.

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Your lungs


  • Despite fitting neatly inside our ribcage, the surface area of our lungs is roughly the same size of a tennis court.
  • Every day, you breathe in 2000 gallons of air - enough to fill a standard swimming pool.
  • Your left lung is smaller than the right lung to make room for your heart.

Your bones and muscles


  • Over half of all the bones in our body are in our hands and feet - they contain 106 of our body’s 206 bones.
  • Muscle movement accounts for 85% of your total body heat - which is why you involuntarily shiver when you're cold.
  • You have 600 muscles in your body - and it takes 200 of them to take just one step.
  • Muscles make up 40% of your total body weight - and weigh much more than fat, which is why you eventually see a weight gain, not loss, when regularly training at the gym.

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