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We're looking to work with partners who can help us unlock the potential of every consumer patient, leading them to live happier, longer lives.


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About Push Doctor

Push Doctor is the UK’s leading digital healthcare brand and we’ve delivered more consultations than any other digital provider in Europe.

Bringing together patients, doctors and technology, our platform enables our patients to access a UK GP in minutes, 365 days a year, putting the power of health back in patients’ hands.

And with long term memberships to our platform growing 230%, it’s evident that our patients are seeking longer, deeper relationships with us.

Now, we want to offer a continued and increasing range of valued healthcare and lifestyle services to these highly engaged patients, allowing them to take control of their own health more than they ever thought possible.

How we can work together

Our online doctors offer great medical advice within minutes, on any device. But we want to take this to the next level by opening our patients' eyes to a whole world of health and wellbeing services they never knew existed.


Using our comprehensive understanding of our patients, we’re building a well-care ecosystem to enable us to recommend the best personalised advice, products and services to answer patients’ needs and help them achieve their goals for the long-term.


We’re not looking to do this alone. Partner with us to expose your product or service to a host of highly qualified prospective customers and help them take control of their health.


We’re looking to work with partners who specialise in:


Mental health and wellbeing


Offering patients on-going support and advice from industry experts.


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Condition management


Enabling patients to self-care and manage long-term conditions.


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Fitness and nutrition:


Educating, inspiring and facilitating exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


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Feature within our marketing leading tech and we’ll drive new, high quality prospective customers, directly to you

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