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    How it works

    3 simple steps to see a doctor online and get the treatment you need

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    Choose an appointment time, and create an account.

    See a doctor online

    We connect you to a video consultation with a UK GP, using the camera on your device.

    Get the right treatment

    Get medical advice, same-day prescriptions, referrals and fit notes (sick notes).

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    See an online doctor in minutes

    Join the thousands of people who get expert medical advice, right here every day. Our UK doctors treat almost everything your normal GP can, but quicker. No waiting, no travelling.

    • GPs available 6am - 11pm

      GPs available 8am - 8pm

      See a doctor 7 days a week at a time that suits you.

    • Access to a UK GP

      Access to a UK GP

      Talk face-to-face with a UK GP on your laptop, tablet or mobile.

    • Regulated by the CQC

      Regulated by the CQC

      Secure, private, fully-encrypted video consultations.

    • Same-day prescriptions

      Same-day prescriptions

      We'll send the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.

    • Share with your doctor

      Share with your doctor

      Sending your medical records to your own doctor is optional.

    • Be seen in minutes

      Be seen in minutes

      No travelling, no waiting and talk to a GP for as long as you wish.

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